2017 Submissions

Immunity Ambient Song
Tessellate Synthwave Song
Metastable House Song
Field of Things Synthwave Song
Deep Fried Soul Experimental Song
Dropoff Dubstep Song
owo Ambient Song
That One Realization Drum N Bass Song
Empathy Dubstep Song
Another Elsewhere Dance Song
The Grind Dance Song

2016 Submissions

Refraction Dance Song
Beside the Essence Trance Song
Ahead Ambient Song
Golden Crest Techno Song
Storm Techno Song
Terracosmos Trance Song
Ascension Techno Song
Epsilon Naught Techno Song
Sky Streaks Techno Song
A Bountiful World Techno Song
Deveraux Drum N Bass Song
Memory of an Illusion Techno Song
Don't Guide Us Dance Song
Aviation Dance Song
Hemisolar Techno Song