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Mindblowing graphics, breathtaking story, and beautiful character development

Thank you for making this amazing work of art and pure talent

Cool game! I like the simple and clean style!Thanks for using my song!

Triton36 responds:

Thanks for the review. Your track fit the game very well.

Cool game! Thanks for adding my song!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks for making it :)

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This is really hardcore! I like the drop, but I think the snare takes a little too long to come in and delays the rhythm too much. Vocal samples were cool and mostly on beat. I also like the layering of the different instruments and how they fit together in the mix, especially with the way you compressed them. Another thing I think you could improve on is getting the track to pop out a little more, like getting it to have a wider stereo feel to it.

The ending was wrong about this song. I think it was great. Good luck in the contest!

This song is awesome! Reminds me of MitiS except it's less generic. I love the dynamics that come in on the ultrasaw chords at 1:03. It supplements the melody really well.

By the way, do you make you own drums? I'd really like to know how if you do

Geoplex responds:

Thanks man. I do make my own drums (though not my hihats, just my kicks and snares). It's all just synthesis, distortion and compression. Mostly sine sweeps and noise. If you want to know more, Au5 has some extremely excellent tutorials on the subject on YouTube.

I like the sounds. The vocals sound rich and pretty well mixed. The songs a bit slow to progress though and I think needs some extra complexity. The bass that came in around 6:30 could use some slight delay/reverb also to make it sound less like a simple digital sound. Good remix. Keep it up

TodukenMusic responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)

Hi, my name is Tristan and I spend way too much time on the computer. Contact me at tristanbaymusic@gmail.com

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